Ethics of 3D and Cultural Heritage

Ethics of 3D and Cultural Heritage lead image

Ethics of 3D and Cultural Heritage, School of Advanced Study, University of London via Zoom, November 23, 2022, 4:00–5:00 pm (UK)

This online roundtable brings together experts from different fields and backgrounds to discuss aspects of power and ethics in 3D digital technologies and cultural heritage. In academia and the heritage industry, methods including 3D imaging, architectural modelling, virtual reality and gaming technologies are beginning to be applied to the study of the world’s material and immaterial heritage. There can be a tendency to be blasé or even triumphalist about these tools, the ways in which they change our interaction with heritage, and the legal and ethical implications of the new kinds of digital objects and rights created by them. Panellists will respond for 5-7 minutes on what they see as the key ethical questions in 3D, drawing on their own research and experiences, to be followed by group discussion.

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