CBOMGS Seminar Series 2022–2023

CBOMGS Seminar Series 2022–2023 lead image

CBOMGS Seminar Series 2022–2023, University of Birmingham and Zoom, 4:00–5:30 pm (GMT)

The Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies General Seminar will be a hybrid events for the academic year 2022/23. In-person attendance will take place in Arts Lecture Room 1. Registration for virtual attendance is through the Centre's Eventbrite page.

September 28: Silvio Roggo (Cambridge)
Travellers' Tales

November 12: Mirela Ivanova (Sheffield)
Inventing Slavonic: cultures of writing between Rome and Constantinople

November 23: Jenny Cromwell (Manchester Metropolitan)
Identifying patronage networks in rural communities in early Islamic Egypt

December 7: New Voices from CBOMGS
Alessandro Carabia
Byzantium in the West: the case of Byzantine Liguria (500-700 CE)
Stephanie Novasio
Age and Ageing in Late Byzantium: A Life Course Approach

March 8: Alex Vukovich (KCL)
Rewriting history in the Muscovite Rus

March 22: Foteini Spingou (Edinburgh)
Byzantium and its classics: the case of beauty

April 26: Vicky Manolopoulou (Newcastle)
A living miracle: the peculiar case of Hagia Theodora at Vista

May 10: Grace Stafford (Warsaw)
Sacred Journeys, Sacred Lifestyles: Gender, Monasticism, and Pilgrimage in the Late Antique East