Opportunities/Nov 10, 2021

Visiting Fellowships 2022-23, Magdalen College, University of Oxford

Visiting Fellowships 2022-23, Magdalen College, University of Oxford lead image

Magdalen College, University of Oxford proposes to elect a Visiting Fellow or Fellows for the academic year 2022-23.

A Visiting Fellowship is intended to offer an established scholar, either from abroad or from elsewhere in the United Kingdom, an opportunity to pursue his or her own study and research as a member of the College. Individuals who completed their PhD or similar academic studies less than 7 years before 1st October of the academic year for which they are applying will not usually be considered for a Fellowship. In making elections, the College will generally give preference to individuals who would particularly benefit from the opportunity to spend time in Oxford to pursue their proposed research project, and would find it difficult to do so  without the support of a Visiting Fellowship. Individuals who have until recently held an academic position or Visiting Fellowship in Oxford, or who already have use of common room facilities at another Oxford college, are unlikely to be offered a Fellowship.

A Visiting Fellow will be a non-stipendiary Fellow of the College, but will be awarded certain privileges including rights to lunch and dinner free of cost. Elections are typically made for a period of three months, to align with each term of the academic year.