Courses/Apr 08, 2022

VeDPH Summer School 2022

VeDPH Summer School 2022 lead image

Venice Summer School on Digital and Public Humanities, Ca' Foscari University, July 11–15, 2022

The VeDPH Summer School aims at providing advanced and in-depth training to students and scholars in theories, technologies and methods applied to historical monuments, artifacts and texts in the interdisciplinary field of Digital and Public Humanities, focussing on cultural, archaeological, historical, literary, and artistic materials from Venetian sites and cultural heritage institutions. The school will give to the participants the opportunity to engage in debates about digital cultural heritage and public humanities while enhancing their competences and skills in digitising materials and sources and in modelling, analysing and visualising multimedia humanities data.

The VeDPH summer school will take place in historical sites and cultural venues across Venice and its surroundings. Each day will be dedicated to a specific academic field: history, art history, textual scholarship and archaeology. Teaching formats will include lectures, hands-on workshops, guided tours and experimental performances. Units will be planned and delivered by local experts and invited specialists. All classes will be taught in English.

Everyone interested in Digital and Public Humanities can apply (Essential Criteria University MA or equivalent). Availability of places 25 participants maximum. 

The Summer School is free of charge. Accommodation (five days) in Venice will be covered for those participants considered “off-site”: those who have the place of residence over 80km from the Department of Humanities or if it takes over 80 minutes to reach the Department of Humanities. Half board (lunch) in Venice will be provided to all participants.