Translation in and from the Middle Ages

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Translation in and from the Middle Ages, special issue of Translation Matters

Medieval Studies is a particularly fruitful field of study, especially in combination with other areas, Translation Studies being no exception. Indeed, the combination of these two areas is of extreme importance, providing a better understanding of medieval texts, as well as a broader understanding of the meaning, value, and consequences of translation within this timeframe. Despite its importance, medieval translation remains poorly researched and promoted in academia. In an effort to fill this gap, submissions are invited for a special issue of the open-access journal, Translation Matters, on the subject of Translation in and from the Middle Ages.

We welcome articles dealing one of the following topics:

The phenomenon of translation during the Middle Ages:

  • Theoretical articles exploring the concept of translatio in the Middle Ages, as well as the theory behind the practice of translation in the medieval period
  • Case studies dealing with the translation or transmission of different texts, genres or concepts between two or more medieval vernaculars or between Latin (or another lingua franca or lingua sacra) and a vernacular
  • Medieval matters and cycles involving translational processes

The translation of medieval texts into contemporary languages:

  • Theoretical articles exploring methodologies, strategies and problems of the translation of medieval texts into contemporary languages
  • Case studies on the translation of specific texts or concepts
  • Contemporary reception and neo-medievalism: theory and practices.

Articles, in English or in Portuguese, should be 6000-8000 words in length, including references and footnotes. Complete articles due October 31, 2022.