Events/Jun 06, 2022

The Cathedral of St. Sophia, Kyiv: Roundtable Discussion

The Cathedral of St. Sophia, Kyiv: Roundtable Discussion lead image

The Cathedral of St. Sophia, Kyiv: Roundtable Discussion with Thomas Dale, Ioli Kalavrezou, and Sofia Korol’, From Kyivan Rus’ to Modern Ukraine: Virtual Conversations on History, Art, and Cultural Heritage, Dumbarton Oaks via Zoom, June 8, 2022, 12:00–1:30 pm (EDT)

The cathedral of St. Sophia in the historic center of Kyiv dates to ca. 1037 and is one of the most remarkable medieval monuments of Kyivan Rus. The building was designed, built, and decorated according to Byzantine traditions interpreted in a local context. This roundtable brings together three scholars who will address the distinctive architectural and decorative features of this impressive monument, as well as its visual and symbolic transformations from the Middle Ages into the present. 

‘In Heaven or on Earth:’ Saint Sophia in Kyiv and the Reinvention of Byzantine Sacred and Palatine Architecture in the Kyivan Rus
Thomas Dale, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Original Mosaic Program of St. Sophia in Kyiv
Ioli Kalavrezou, Harvard University

To the History of the Interwar Church Decorations in Galicia: Kyivan Rus’ Images and Motifs
Sofia Korol’, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

This series of events is co-organized by Dumbarton Oaks in collaboration with North of Byzantium and Connected Central European Worlds, 1500–1700.

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