Lectures/Apr 01, 2022

The Byzantine Tradition at the Barnes Foundation

The Byzantine Tradition at the Barnes Foundation lead image

The Byzantine Tradition at the Barnes Foundation, Barnes Foundation and Online, April 9, 2022, 11:30 am–12:30 pm

Join Amy Gillette, research associate, and Kaelin Jewell, senior instructor, as they share new research on the Byzantine tradition at the Barnes. While the collection is best known as a shrine of modern masterpieces, Dr. Albert Barnes designed the galleries as an active educational space to connect past and present experiences of art. He recognized the influence of Byzantine art on 20th-century artists, even declaring that “modern painting developed out of mosaics.”

In this talk, Gillette and Jewell will discuss Dr. Barnes’s involvement in formulating the Byzantine tradition of modern art, focusing on his writings and wall ensembles as well as case studies of individual artists. They also consider how the Barnes ensembles shape our experiences and interpretations of the Byzantine tradition in the present day.

Advance ticket purchase required.