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Summer Institute in Papyrology - 2018

Summer Institute in Papyrology - 2018 lead image

Summer Institute in Papyrology - 2018, Washington University, St Louis, July 9–August 11, 2018

The American Society of Papyrologists and Washington University are sponsoring a summer institute in papyrology for advanced graduate students and junior faculty in ancient studies (classics, history, religious studies, Egyptology, archaeology, and related disciplines). The institute, which will run in St. Louis, Missouri, from 9 July through 11 August 2018, will focus on the late antique Greek papyri excavated by W. M. Flinders Petrie at al-Bahnasā (the ancient Oxyrhynchus) in 1922. The principal objective of the institute is to provide participants with sufficient instruction and practical experience to enable them to make productive use of texts on papyrus in their research and, if desired, to become active scholars in the field of papyrology. Hands-on experience with original materials will be combined with lectures and assignments addressing historical and methodological questions.

Admission to the institute is by application. Enrollment is limited to twelve participants.  Applications are welcome from qualified individuals without regard to institutional affiliation.  No prior experience in papyrology is expected, but a high degree of competence in ancient Greek is essential.

A full-time commitment to the activities of the institute will be required of participants, who will be expected to be in residence in St. Louis for its duration. The practica and most lectures will take place in the Department of Special Collections of the John M. Olin Library. Instruction will be five days a week. The principal faculty will be Roger S. Bagnall (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University) and Todd Hickey (University of California, Berkeley). Guest instructors will include Nikolaos Gonis (University College London), James G. Keenan (Loyola University Chicago), AnneMarie Luijendijk (Princeton University), Giovanni Ruffini (Fairfield University), Peter van Minnen (University of Cincinnati), and Michael Zellmann-Rohrer (University of Oxford).

Participation in the institute is free of charge and not for credit. Attendees will neither be graded nor issued a transcript. The American Society of Papyrologists will provide a certificate of participation to those completing the institute. Successful applicants will receive a stipend ($2,500) but are also expected to seek financial support from their home institutions. It is anticipated that on-campus housing will be available to participants for a fee.