Jobs/Oct 25, 2022

Postdoctoral Position, Medieval/Pre-Modern Art, University of Bern

Postdoctoral Position, Medieval/Pre-Modern Art, University of Bern lead image

The Institute of Art History at the University of Bern invites applications for a post-doctoral research and teaching position available (non-tenure-track), starting 1 January 2023 (or later). Specialization should be in the field of Medieval art (Europe, OR other regions, e.g. African, Byzantine, Eastern European, East- or Southasian, Islamic, Scandinavian Art or Arts of the Americas), preferably in an area complementing the research activities of the program in the History of Medieval Art. The successful candidate will carry out research in his or her chosen field and work closely with the Chair of History of Medieval Art in terms of teaching, research, coordination of the ERC-project Global Horizons in Pre-Modern Art and administrative services.

The successful candidate should have an outstanding PhD degree and have a strong interest in developing a research project related to the history of European medieval art/Pre-Modern non-European Art.