Lectures/Apr 12, 2022

Lacunae of Art History and Kyiv’s Visual Culture

Lacunae of Art History and Kyiv’s Visual Culture lead image

Lacunae of Art History and Kyiv’s Visual Culture, lecture by Olenka Z. Pevny (University of Cambridge), From Kyivan Rus’ to Modern Ukraine: Virtual Conversations on History, Art, and Cultural Heritage, Dumbarton Oaks via Zoom, April 22, 2022, 12:00–2:00 pm (EDT)

Ukraine’s history, art, and culture are endangered by the ongoing war. This lecture and conversation series by experts in the fields of history, art history, archaeology, heritage, sociology, as well as museums and conservation, among others, presents the region’s rich historical and cultural complexity through its objects, sites, and monuments. A focus on the medieval and early modern periods featuring Greek, Latin, and Slavic contacts brings to the fore critical evidence to counter modern misrepresentations of Ukraine’s history and cultural heritage. 

This series of events is co-organized by Dumbarton Oaks in collaboration with North of Byzantium and Connected Central European Worlds, 1500–1700.