Courses & Workshops/Nov 05, 2020

Erasure in Late Antiquity

Erasure in Late Antiquity lead image

Erasure in Late Antiquity, Trinity College Dublin via Zoom, November 12–13, 2020

The Postgraduate and Early Career Late Antiquity Network is proud to announce a workshop on ‘Erasure in Late Antiquity’, hosted (virtually) by the Classics Department at Trinity College Dublin on the afternoons of Thursday 12th and Friday 13th November.  

Our presenters will be exploring a wide range of topics along the theme of including religious, ideological, epigraphic, and iconographic erasures. The workshop will run as a closed event with precirculated papers. If you would like to participate, please email Dr. Rebecca Usherwood.  

We are also pleased to host two public keynotes. Everyone is welcome to register for these keynotes by using the Eventbrite links.  

Professor Mark Humphries will be speaking on ‘Erasure and Spectacle in Late Antiquity’ at 17:00 on Thursday 12th November. REGISTER

Professor Irene van Renswoude will be speaking on ‘Erasure: an effective form of censorship? Editing contested content in late antique and early medieval manuscripts’ at 15:30 on Friday 13th November. REGISTER


  • Mali Skotheim, Spolia and epigraphical erasure at the Church of Mary at Ephesus
  • Anna Sitz, Epigraphic Erasures: ‘Grammatoclasm’ in Late Antiquity
  • Mathilde Sauquet - A word is worth a thousand images: the iconophilic floor mosaic of the Church of the Virgin in Madaba, Jordan
  • Nicola Ernst, Erasing Babylas: Julian’s Funeral Law and Destruction of the Memory of St Babylas.
  • Miriam Hay, Erasing difference on Christian sarcophagi: integrating Roman and Jewish pasts
  • Atiyeh Taghiei, Anachronistic Erasures: Burial practices and Religious Identity in Early Islamic Iran 
  • Ben Kybett, Fighting Pagan Erasure: Claudian at the Court of Honorius
  • David Rockwell, Justinian’s Legal Erasures
  • Nadine Vierman, ‘Erasing an Emperor – Or: How to Make a Tyrant. The Fate of Phocas (602–610)
  • Kelly Holob, Something Less than Human: Defacing and Restoring Criminal Bodies in the Roman Empire
  • Ryan Denson, Defining the Mechanisms of Death: The (Attempted) Conceptual Erasure of Ghosts in Late Antiquity
  • Becca Grose, Reading between the lines in late-antique Gallic commemorations: Avitus Ep. 5* and NRICG. 174