Funding/Oct 04, 2022

Dumbarton Oaks Research Fellowships 2023–2024

Dumbarton Oaks Research Fellowships 2023–2024 lead image

Dumbarton Oaks awards residential fellowships to Byzantine, Garden and Landscape, and Pre-Columbian to scholars with a terminal degree (Fellowships) or degree candidates who have fulfilled all preliminary requirements for a terminal degree (Junior Fellowships).

Fellowships and Junior Fellowships are normally awarded for the academic year (September 11, 2023, to May 10, 2024). During this time, recipients are expected to be in residence at Dumbarton Oaks and to devote full time to their study projects without undertaking any other major activities. Awards may also be made for a single term (either September 11, 2023, to January 5, 2024, or January 22 to May 10, 2024).

Fellowships are for individuals holding appropriate terminal degrees (e.g., PhD, MLA) at the time of the application deadline. Junior Fellowships are for degree candidates who at the time of application have fulfilled all preliminary requirements for a PhD or appropriate final degree and will be working on a dissertation or final project at Dumbarton Oaks under the direction of a faculty member at their own university. Graduate students who do not have the PhD in hand by the application deadline of November 1 must apply as Junior Fellows. Successful applicants for Junior Fellowships who have the PhD in hand by the beginning of the fellowship term may be granted the status and stipend of Fellows. For Byzantine Studies Junior Fellowships, preference will be given to candidates in the early stages of their dissertation.

Summer Fellowships are for Byzantine and Pre-Columbian scholars on any level of advancement beyond the first year of graduate (post-baccalaureate) study. Summer Fellowships are awarded for a period of eight weeks. The 2023 Summer Fellowship term is June 12 to August 4, 2023.