Jobs/Sep 29, 2022

Assistant Professor of Art and Visual Culture, Bates College

Assistant Professor of Art and Visual Culture, Bates College lead image

The Department of Art and Visual Culture, in conjunction with the Religious Studies Department and the Classical and Medieval Studies Program, seeks a tenure-track colleague in premodern visual cultures with an emphasis on visual cultures produced in and among varied religious cultures, including Islamic, Christian, and/or Jewish, in the centuries before 1500 CE. We envision a colleague whose research and teaching attend to issues of power and privilege, racism and colonialism as these exist(ed) within the historical world under consideration, within the academic fields of the history of art and visual cultures and religious studies, and as they relate foundationally to modern structures of oppression.

The successful candidate should have completed all necessary requirements for the Ph.D. by the start of the contract and will teach five courses per year in premodern visual cultures. Courses should range from beginning to advanced levels and some should center substantial religious-studies content, broadly defined. Academic advising - including senior-thesis advising - is a regular component of the position.