Calls for Papers/Aug 08, 2017

Art and Aftermath

Art and Aftermath lead image

Art and Aftermath, 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, May 10–13, 2018

This session seeks papers that provide culturally and chronologically diverse perspectives on the relationship between particular artworks and external events. The session considers how art-making constitutes response to urgent concerns of the people who made buildings, objects, and images; examining how artworks were designed to shape their historical contexts in the aftermath of decisive events. The impact of such events may be observed in the immediate aftermath, such as rebuilding after an earthquake or fire, or in the long term, such as slow changes caused by demographic shifts, conversion movements, and migrations. Catalyzing circumstances that demonstrably affect the form or content of artworks might include shifts of political power, the unusual provision or lack of materials, the impact of a new theological or philosophical idea, the forced or voluntary movement of people, or the direct reaction to other works of art.

We seek papers that characterize medieval productions as art of their contemporary moments, and that ask us to consider the question of art's role in societal intervention or documentation.

Session organizers
Patricia Blessing, Pomona College, CA
Beatrice Kitzinger, Princeton University

Session sponsored by the International Center of Medieval Art