Publications/Jun 22, 2023

Anekdota Byzantina

Anekdota Byzantina lead image

Isabel Grimm-Stadelmann, Alexander Riehle, Raimondo Tocci, and Martin Marko Vučetić, eds. Anekdota Byzantina. Studien zur byzantinischen Geschichte und Kultur. Festschrift für Albrecht Berger anlässlich seines 65. Geburtstags. Byzantinisches Archiv, volume 41. De Gruyter, 2023.

From De Gruyter

With over 50 contributions on written sources and archaeological finds, this volume offers numerous new editions and interpretations that expand our knowledge of Byzantium through the centuries and from different perspectives. Special emphasis is placed on topography, hagiography, edition philology, and art history, which at the same time reflect Albrecht Berger's various fields of research; this volume is dedicated to him.