Funding/Oct 14, 2022

2023–2024 Warburg/I Tatti Joint Fellowship

2023–2024 Warburg/I Tatti Joint Fellowship lead image

Villa I Tatti – The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies in Florence, Italy, and the Warburg Institute School of Advanced Study at the University of London offer a joint, residential fellowship for the 2023-2024 academic year. Fellows will spend the fall term (September – December 2023) in London and the spring term (January – June 2024) in Florence. The fellowship is designed for early and mid-career scholars in any subject; all things being equal, preference will be given to advanced research projects that address the history of science, knowledge, and/or technology related to early modern Italy, including transnational connections between Italy and other cultures. Scholars can also apply to work on the transmission and circulation of ideas, objects, and people during the Renaissance, into and beyond the Italian peninsula, or on the historiography of the Italian Renaissance, including the rebirth of interest in the Renaissance in later periods.

At the time of application, scholars must have a PhD in hand. They may not be working on a second PhD at the time of application. Applicants must be conversant in English and have at least a reading knowledge of Italian, with a solid background in Italian Renaissance Studies. Each successful candidate must be approved by both the Warburg Institute and Villa I Tatti and will spend the fall term (September – December) at the Warburg Institute in London and the spring term (January - June) at Villa I Tatti in Florence. During both terms, it must be possible for Fellows to carry out most of their research with the resources available in the city where they are resident. Priority will be given to applicants with no previous association with either I Tatti or the Warburg Institute. Renewals, repeats, or deferments of this Fellowship are not granted. The fellow will be expected to carry out original research on the topic for which they have been awarded their fellowship. Applications will not be accepted from candidates proposing to revise their doctoral dissertation for publication.

Terms and details relating to Villa I Tatti

  • Fellows will need to spend the Spring Term (January – June 2024) at I Tatti.
  • Fellows may not take on any other obligations such as teaching positions, even part-time ones, during any part of their fellowship period.
  • This is a residential fellowship. Fellows must live in the Florence area, spend at least three days a week at I Tatti, and participate in and contribute to the activities at the Center.
  • Fellows enjoy all the privileges of I Tatti, including use of the Biblioteca Berenson seven days a week and lunch with other Appointees from Monday through Friday.
  • The Fellow is responsible for obtaining a visa, permesso di soggiorno, and health coverage (and, if appropriate, for accompanying family members). The Fellow must determine if a visa is required and, if necessary, obtain one before travel.

Terms and details relating to the Warburg Institute

  • Fellows will be expected to spend the Autumn Term (September – December 2023) at the Warburg Institute.
  • Fellows are required to spend their research period in London except for research-related trips, and to participate in and contribute to the activities of the Warburg Institute.
  • The Fellowship may not be held concurrently with another Fellowship or award.
  • Candidates from outside the EU will need to check the regulations for acquiring a visa to visit the UK for their Fellowship.
  • Fellows are given a space to work within the Institute and are allocated an Academic Supervisor for the duration of their stay.
  • Fellows enjoy the use of the Warburg Institute Library, Photographic collection, and Archive.