Calls for Papers/Jul 06, 2017

17th International Congress of Christian Archaeology

17th International Congress of Christian Archaeology lead image

Frontiers: The Transformation and Christianization of the Roman Empire between Centre and Periphery, 17th International Congress of Christian Archaeology, Utrecht University and Radboud University Nijmegen, July 2–6, 2018

Submissions due August 15, 2017

The 17th International Congress of Christian Archaeology will take place in the Netherlands, from July 2 – 6, 2018,  and will be hosted jointly by Utrecht University and the Radboud University Nijmegen.

In keeping with the conference´s venue, namely at the very limes of the Roman Empire, its thematic focus will revolve around the question of boundaries, borders, borderlands, and transitional zones of the Later Roman World. The conference seeks to break new ground in this crucial area, in terms of content as well as methodology. In terms of geography and chronology, the emphasis is on the art, archaeology, and epigraphy of any border area of the later Roman world, including its European, North African, and Near Eastern provinces, up until the seventh century C.E.

In addition, a special public session will be focus on the on-going destruction of Christianity's cultural heritage in the Near East.

The conference will take place in two main venues, namely in Utrecht (Monday July 2, 2018 through Wednesday July 4, 2018) and in Nijmegen (Wednesday July 4, 2018 through Friday July 6, 2018).

Archaeologists, epigraphers, and historians, including graduate students, are kindly and expressly invited to present a conference paper at the 17th International Congress of Christian Archaeology 2018.

We have subdivided the program into topical sessions and into geographical ones. Geographical sessions offer room for research papers as well as for comprehensive fieldwork reports.


  • Egypt: research papers and reports
  • Roman and Byzantine Palestine: research papers and reports
  • Syria and Mesopotamia: reseach papers and reports
  • Persia, Armenia, Georgia and Ethiopia: research papers and reports
  • North Africa: research papers and reports
  • Centre and Periphery I: research papers and reports
  • Frontiers and the Problem of Migration: research papers
  • New Archaeological Research Techniques: results and prospects

Shorter reports dealing with new archaeological discoveries find their natural home in the novitates section of the conference, of which there are two. There is finally also an opportunity for proposing a poster. Posters will be exhibited at both of the congress’ venues, namely Utrecht and Nijmegen.